By Maliha Mansoor
Teens Club
September 3rd, 2006

Teens club front page  sept 3. 06Take richness of voice, a fine sense of music and rhythm, above average looks and a genuinely inspiring philosophy of life, and what do we come up with?
Noori! The young generation’s band which is trying to give a new dimension to the thoughts and notions of generation next; and quite successfully too!

It was only a few years back when they made a very impressionable entry with their debut album ‘Sunno Kay Main Hoon Jawan’, and changed the existing trend of the music scenario at that time.

“The norm of the day then (2003) was basically Bhangra essentially. And we had intentionally kept away from Urdu music till then coz somehow we did not want to join in with either Bhangra or typically conventional love songs,” Ali N’oor, the lead singer with expressive glowing eyes explains, “and then there was this urgent need in us to do something for the young generation simply throwing their life away in meaningless activities (like racing cars or motorbikes, fighting over girls, throwing eggs at someone, etc. etc), so we targeted the young generation with ‘SKMHJ’ very intentionally, trying to make them pause, take notice, think and assessTeens club  page#29  sept 3.06 themselves and their life.”

The album did register quite remarkably, bringing in its wake recognition, appreciation and fame for Noori. They had certainly made a mark but then they just sort of vanished from the scenario, whatever happened and why?

“You see, the success of ‘SKMHJ’ was like a whirlwind that hit us so comprehensively that we could do little else but to being whisked around almost unthinkingly. But that was not we wanted to do; fame Teens club  page#30  sept 3.06and fortune had never been (is not) our object of pursuit. So in the middle of all that crazy time, we just stopped and sat down to think, ‘why are we doing what we never wanted to?’ And that, I guess, made us stop, take stock of our bearings, and plan anew our future course of action.”

And so they vanished from the scene, worked diligently for a considerable period of time (almost two years) and came back with a bang with ‘Peeli Patti aur Raja Jani’, thTeens club  page#28  sept 3.06eir second album that has surely brought them to the forefront once again.

“It’s totally different from our debut album as this one puts forth a much serious and symbolic theme which is basically the thoughts brewing up inside us and what we want to put across, to convey to our audience who have evolved with us. Our main objective is to grow as artists and as individuals and we are content that by far we have managed to do that successfully.”

Noori does have a very dedicated audience who keep a close interaction with them on their exclusive website

“It’s like an open forum for anyone and everyone to express their views and we do follow it closely. It is like keeping in touch with our audience and that is something of vital importance to us.”

The two brothers (Ali Noor and Ali Hamza) presently sport a rather funky (or punky) look but none of them concedes that it is intentional or deliberately portraying a certain image.
“Some people are just not meant to be stylized or made up, and we sincerely believe we are among them!
We are not (have never been) into intentional styling or stuff of the like. On the contrary, we have managed to look worse whenever we have tried to give it a shot intentionally. And as far as this bearded and long haired look is concerned, let’s say that we got too lazy to shave and that is about all!”

The almost childlike innocence in the eyes and the soft voice confirm that they are telling the truth.

With regards the question that what does it take to make it in the music world, this is
what the dynamic brothers have to say.

“Besides genuine talent what counts most is perseverance, passion, dedication and lots and lots of hard work. Also it is very important to have faith in yourself and never to lose hope.”

So the truly talented guys who have chosen to be called ‘Noori’ keep on living their life the way they deem is the best way of living it, and also very convincingly conveying and communicating through the medium they regard best to express themselves in — music!
No wonder the fan following is getting bigger and stronger by the day!