“noori Live at the Rock Musicarium” – Ready for Release!

It took just over a month to mix down a live album for the very first time. Something new for the noori boys as it took some time to complete this - more than was expected. But that’s what happens when it’s a first of it’s kind.

As far as noori is concerned, they say that “it’s been an experience putting all this together (…) the band performed a concert of over two hours from which we had to cut out a CD of around 70 minutes max. Handling such a long timeline hasn’t been an easy task … pulling this off in a month was only possible because we have Kashif on board…”

Yes, there is a new addition to the noori team. His name is Kashif Ejaz and he’s one hell of an audio engineer. He has worked with some of the most well known names in the industry - starting from Shoaib Mansoor (Bol specifically), Hadiqa Kiani, Fariha Parwez - definitely check out his website and listen to the wonderful work he has done!
Kashif joined the “band wagon” at the Rock Musicarium gig. He will be noori’s audio guy for both live performances and studio recordings. The noori boys add: “What we love about him the most is that he genuinely loves his work - and that’s what made us click!”

And now, coming to the point….

The audio is ready for release, the release logistics are being worked out.

Since there is limited space on the CD, only selected songs from the concert will be part of it.

As a hype builder for the release, the band is sharing a special performance with their fans  - it’s an impromptu rendition of “Kuttay (Te Tho Uttay)”. The band hadn’t rehearsed this song, but the crowd demanded it so much, that they didn’t have any option. What they ended up jamming is something totally different from the way noori has been performing this song in the past.

Check out this EXCLUSIVE ONLINE RELEASE! Visit our Sound Cloud page…  (Best to Listen on Louder Speakers or Headphones)

Keep visiting this space as the date of release will be announced very soon!

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