Wait for it

By Muhammad A Qayyum

What happens when the protagonist in Manwa Re (Ali Noor's debut single) gets a life and commences on a rock binge? Tum Hans Diyay is the upcoming single from the ever morphing Ali who rears up this one with his new band Noori and accompanying this track is an exciting video for the song which is now nearing completion.
The footage has been shot and currently the video editing is being finalized. Stay tuned to your music channels because one should be able to catch the video within the next week or so. But then again, Ali Noor did promise us his album a year ago, so keep your fingers crossed on that estimate. But back to the video! Think Ali Haider's Jadoo video fused with Guns N Roses's Garden of Eden. Shot with a wide screen lens it has Ali Noor and his band rocking out the markedly up-tempo number. The video almost reflects the inside of the mind of the Manwa Re protagonist who, after pining for his Manwa Re, has gotten over her in a big way: he is now out and about and after long deprivation is on a mission to live life to its fullest.
Visually and musically too this video stands at the opposite end of the spectrum from Manwa Re. Whereas Manwa Re was sober and purposely low key, being shot mostly in slow motion, the new video is sharper with lots of fast cuts, colour and action. Putting it in one word, the video is simply fun. Ali Noor and Mohammad Ali Jafri at are doing the final editing Noor's "Small Sounds/Big Videos".

A number of edits were ready when I went in Mohammad Ali and Ali Noor were busy arguing which one of the four edits they ought to release. After checking out all four, the answer according to me was simple: all four. Each edit has its own merit: there is an edit that is of a higher energy than others with a lot of fast cuts. There is another edit that is more in line with the lyrics of the song and seems to be narrating a story. 

Edit three has a lot of live band performance shots which shows that these guys can actually play their instruments and then there is my personal favourite, edit four which features lots of girls! Wonder which one they will release? By my last reckoning they appeared to be on the verge of editing up a fifth edit with elements of all four in it. Something to watch out for.

Courtesy Instep, The News International