Ask noori Guidelines

In order for the band to answer a question to the following terms and conditions apply:

1. Only one question per person may be asked in a month. In case of a question being chosen for answering, your particulars shall be verified and only authentic email addresses entertained.

2. The band will answer ONLY ONE question in a month, which shall be chosen as the ‘Question of the Month’.

3. The questions that will be answered shall be chosen on the basis of uniqueness, originality and of being in the universal interest of noori audience and fans.

4. Questions of a personal nature will not be answered.

5. Frivolous questions, questions that have already been answered, and questions for which answers are available within the website shall NOT be entertained.

Examples are:
• When is your new album coming out?
• When are you getting a hair cut?
• Which of your parents do you love more?
• Who is your girlfriend?

6. Original, new, and clearly phrased questions have a higher chance of being answered.

7. Personal comments, even if they are very interesting, shall NOT be entertained at all.

8. Use of bad language and remarks about the band and their personal lives are strictly prohibited. Serious action can be taken in this regard!

9. Questions will only be answered, if all the particulars have been completed in the submission form.

10. If your question is selected, then the management will verify the information you have provided along with the question you asked. This verification shall be made via an email sent to you on the address you submitted in the form. Your question will only be answered upon verification.

11. On verification, along with posting your question (and its answer) on the website, we will also send you a personalized reply from the band on your personal email address.

12. For the person whose question is chosen as the Question of the Month, the band will mail to him/her, a personalized video message as a gesture of appreciation. This video message might take up to 1 MB of space. Therefore it is recommended that you give us that email address which can receive such a heavy file.