Ali Noor
25 years
Professional Lawyer
loves Chinese food
listens to Faith No More and Fiona Apple
wanted to become a genetic engineer, ended up doing law for six years, and now wants to become the biggest rock star ever to hit this world!


Mohammed Ali Jafri
30 years
Self Educated
loves Food.
listens to a lot of Sound Garden and almost everything else
Always loved doing music
ended up doing music
dreams of becoming the greatest person ever and wants to live a happily married life!


John Louis Gumby Pinto
26 years
Educated himself and everyone else around him
loves Nihari and goes to sleep after that
listens to Jazz and all other weird kinds of music
Wanted to become a dirt biker, became a drummer instead, is already the best drummer available in this country,  currently working on his solo album.


Ali Hamza
22 years
BSc. in Economics
loves Broccoli
listens to K.L.Saigol, his father and Pathanay Khan
wanted to become the greatest person on earth, but ended up going to LUMS... currently learning how to make music
loves writing and wants to change the economics of this world.