noori Fan Muqabla Auditions a Massive Success!

On the 8th of June, noori and IM held the auditions for two of the 'Noori Fan Muqablas': Kaun Banega noori? and Meri Awaz Suno (noori special). The auditions were a massive success!
Of the 50 selected contestants, 39 actually turned up. That was a great turnout as people were called on a really short notice and most of them were having their O' and A' level exams.
The competition was judged by Mohammed Ali JAfri and Ali Hamza from noori. When Hamza came in he said that he was having goose bumps for he was judging something ofr the first time in his life! After the auditions Mohammed Ali Jafri commented that he was really satisfied with the people who were present there. "There was no disturbance that was created and every one was supporting each other, which was absolutely great!... a true spirit of competition!".
10 contenders each have been short listed for each competition, the final rounds of which shall take place at the Indus Music (IM) studios on the 9th (for Kaun Banega noori) and 10th of July (for Meri Awaz Suno).

We will soon update this page with the final results, once these competitions have taken place!

For the time
being check out the pics that we took at the auditions!

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