Noori concert, at the Heart and Soul Family Health Mela in AKU
26th September, 2004
Postponed! Postponed! Postponed!
noori, Strings and Atif concert at PAF Yacht Club, Karachi

18th September, 2004
"Boltay Sitaray" featuring noori finally aired on Geo Tv
6th August, 2004
noori perform live for Geo fund raiser at maritime museum
1st August, 2004
Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan wins best rock song at Indus Music Awards
25th July, 2004
noori performs live for GEO TV show "Applause"
21st July, 2004
Noori to appear on Boltay Sitaray
16th July, 2004
SKMHJ launches in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East
28th June, 2004