Polo Cool Foxy campaign draws to an end
26th June, 2004

The band gave out the sixth and final Polo Cool Foxy. This marks the end of the two-month campaign with Polo. To kick-off this campaign Polo had the band members visit various colleges and schools in the Karachi which also was aired on Indus Music. The band was part of the lucky draw to pick the winners of the six Polo Cool Foxies and personally gave out the vehicles to the lucky winners.

esidents throughout Karachi , Lahore , and Islamabad couldn't have missed the massive outdoor and television publicity campaign featuring Ali Noor, Hamza, Jafri and Gumby with Volkswagen Beetles (foxies) and Polo: the mint with the hole. Now that this campaign has drawn to a close the band members intend to take a much needed break after all the excitement. .

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