From the thousands of entries that the band received for their music video sweepstake a few lucky ones were chosen to take part in the new Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan music video!!! These lucky winners were selected to appear in a special concert sequence and were called over to the studio to be with the band while they performed on stage. All the excitement and energy of a real live noori gig was captured on film by the Director, Mr Sohail Javed, and his team of professionals all in a few unforgettable hours. The chosen participants got to hang out with the band and chat with them, they got to see noori live in action, and also got to feature in their video!!!

Noori would like to thank all the fans and enthusiasts who entered into the competition and promise to have lots more opportunities like this in the future too! Keep a lookout for other exciting noori competitions, sweepstakes, and giveaways exclusively on!

The chosen winners get a special mention and Ali Noor, Ali Hamza, Gumby, and Jafri would personally like to thank all the participants who helped make this video shoot a memorable and exciting one. You guys rock!!!

The winners for the noori Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan music video were:

ayesha   nabeel   adil
danya   saad   hassaan
shehzad   marium   shahab
shan-e-rab   kurt francis   zahra
faizan   anum   natasha
ayesha   kashan   jahanzeb
fahmeel   waleed   haris
mohib uddin   nida   areeba
faisal   rafay   khurram
syed fahmeed   eemaan   shahab
raziuddin   rahimuddin   basit
tabassum   salem   sana
amna   saad   zainab
sadaf   umair   salman
farzeen   ayesha   zain