Ali Hamza
vocals / guitars

Being Ali Noor's younger brother he had been an undisclosed part of 'noori' since even before the band was formed. In fact he made the first Urdu song that initiated the conception of 'noori'. But being a spoilt younger brother he kept fighting with Ali Noor throughout his childhood and ended up parting ways with Ali Noor, pursuing a future in the academia. However, even in his pursuit of getting into Harvard University, Hamza couldn't just break ties with the arts. In fact he ended up creating a following of his own through his unique style of music. An undergraduate from LUMS and, later on, trying to become an economist, Ali Hamza finally realized that his real talent lay in the creative arts and that if he didn't pursue it now, his talents would all go to waste. A late addition into noori, he is an extremely gifted individual who shares his brother's dreams and is learning how to make them come true!.