(new) (Kuttay) Te Tho Uttay Ė 2 Versions! Available at nooriworld.net!
31st January, 2005

For all those, who havenít been able to catch nooriís latest song, (Kuttay) Te Tho Uttay, on television channels, nooriworld.net has given the perfect solution!

Not only can you download the existing (performance based) video, you can also be the first to watch the ONLINE PREMIERE OF THE SECOND VIDEO OF THE SONG!

Mr. Jawad Bashir felt that a lot more needed to be communicated through this song and, given the short length of it, a totally separate video was needed to convey what he felt about (Kuttay) Te Tho Uttay. This second video is a totally story-based video without a single noori shot in it!

(Kuttay) Te Tho Uttay, a presentation by Jawad Bashir (Öas sung by noori), shall soon be aired on major television networks, but as a special gesture for their special visitors, nooriworld has decided to premiere this video beforehand! In addition, one can also take a look at behind the scenes photographs of the video shoots (for both versions of the song) and for all those who have problems in understanding Punjabi, we have uploaded the (official!) Romanized lyrics of the song. So donít wait click on the links below and enjoy the latest treat by noori!

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