Gumby to hold Drum Workshop in Karachi
19th September, 2004

After months and months of planning, Gumby is finally ready to hold a Drum Workshop for eager learners. This workshop will be initiated in Karachi, and the plan is to take it all over the country in the year to come.

According to Gumby, “the workshop will not only cater to those people who are eager to learn drums, but also those who aspire to be musicians and want to learn the techniques of musicianship.” Keeping this in mind, Gumby has prepared a series of demonstrative lectures where not only will he illustrate the basics of percussion playing, but also explain as to how different instruments gel together in a musical composition.

The sole purpose of this workshop is to help people become intelligent towards music as an art form, rather than just having a generalized approach in appreciating it.

For all those interested in attending this workshop (only Karachites for now!), please call at 021-5849080, or send in your mails at [email protected]

Important note: Phone calls will only be received between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.