Random Thoughts
by Gumby

18th October, 2004

It's 1:56 am and I'll work until about 5 am and then sleep through the day. It seems to work better for me this way. The night is always calm and quiet and the vibe is just different. I usually do this when I fall behind or feel restless about some thought in my head. I always believed that it's just a few hours in the day that one can produce good quality stuff.

I just came up with a tune in my head that I felt had been waiting for a long, long time… I never really considered myself a songwriter, though I always wanted to be one. Never got the time or never really pursued it much, I guess. Maybe I was too scared to find out if I could actually make music that I really enjoy playing?

I have discovered that composing music or any variation of instrumentation is a privilege and honor beyond most things for me. It's gratification on a very primary level. The need to express oneself is a built in instinct and as emotional beings it's a form of expression that I believe is healthy, natural and our birthright.

I've had a very long and tiring fortnight and managed to get a lot sorted out, I feel proud of myself :). I managed to do stuff that I thought I never could or would have to do. So there! Something new I've learnt now. The workshop being my main concern, I really wanted to make an effort and get down to educating people about the work I do. We have enough of doctors, engineers and bankers. We need artistic people to make our world a li’l more colorful. I wish more people would do stuff they really wanted to do you know. Would make this world a lot happier place. Don't you think so?

I really can't stop thinking about Kat. He's been gone for almost 2 weeks now. I miss him so very much. Was so used to seeing him around the house. He always seemed to be there in my happy, sad and weird moments; always there to cheer me up; some of the coolest times I've spent with him.

Sitting here with my guitar I'm playing tunes that remind me of the great times we had. Maybe I'll dedicate a tune to him. May he rest in peace, always!

They say that cats have 9 lives. I wonder if I'll ever have him back in his next?

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