A Different Turn
by Mohammed Ali Jafri

7th November, 2004

After giving the others a head-start to writing their journal entries I find myself somewhat at a loss for words now that it’s my turn. Not only because I thought I’d have all my thoughts neatly structured in my mind - and I don’t - but also because of the very nature of this journal entry and what it conveys.

Those of you who know about the history of noori already know that Ali Noor, Ali Hamza and I have been associated in music almost for the past decade; from the earliest days of Coven right up to the most recent gig we performed on the 8th of October, 2004. Like brothers we had lived under one roof and like comrades we meticulously pieced together the wonder of noori. I remember how I was as much a part of Ali Noor’s and Ali Hamza’s family as they were a part of mine; and then the family grew to embrace Gumby, and noori was complete. Together we created noori and it is what you all share now - noori is as much a part of you as it has been of us.

Now I stand at a junction where my own path takes a different turn, a turn away from noori; a turn that will carry me towards a different bearing in life. Yes, I have resolved to choose a new route for myself while Ali Noor, Ali Hamza, and Gumby venture forth to take noori to amazing new heights. I wouldn’t be justified in thinking of this change as either good or bad. This is just the way of things. Needless to say, this particular change wasn’t without deep reflection and contemplation; and during the course of several months the band has mutually agreed upon and concretized this decision.

This is an exciting time for me; a brand new beginning. I have many ideas in my head that I’m bursting to explore; many new ventures that I want to create. The years of investment in noori made this next step possible and I am determined to see my visions of today turn into reality tomorrow, for tomorrow is a new day.

For noori too it is a wondrous time. Poised to embark on another fantastic journey, I can’t wait to see what the band will bring out next! I can say for sure that whatever noori does, it will create a sensational stir like always.

Trust me, I know - I’ve been there.

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