The Peeli Patti Chronicles (PART I)
by Ali Hamza

10th December, 2004

Here I am sitting in a bus, on my way back to Lahore; a little sleepy (stayed up all night), a bit excited to get back to work, a little nostalgic about the peaceful time I got to spend in Abbotabad. After two years of hopping all over the place, I have come to terms with the idea that home is where the heart is i.e. my peaceful house in Abbotabad! If I had the choice, I would stick here for eternity; read a book every week (am a very slow reader), make lots of new tunes, watch lots of movies (Noor has helped build a collection of over 500 DVD’s till now!), and sometimes go further up to Hunza, tread on some glaciers, or even better, do some dangerous white water rafting!

I wish I were a hermit by profession; only then could I even dare to live the way I have mentioned above…. right now I have to work my butt off and get this darn album out! …

Indeed joining noori has been one of the best decisions I took in my life. What I have learnt in the last two years is far more useful and meaningful than what I had been trying to learn the last 15 years of my life. When I had joined this band, the album was already finalized and I just had to get on stage and start strumming my guitar; something I had never done before. Ever since I have only done stuff I had never done before. I remember getting screamed at all night for not making this website, and I had to stay awake for five nights learning the darn software and finally putting up the site a day after my deadline (even then I had forgotten to put the contacts link in the layout)… I wouldn’t want bore you further with the details of my adventures with trying new things, but the point is that I have come a long way in a rather short span of time and I must thank Noor for all that.

These days, my excitement levels are as high as they can be. Finally I get to go through the whole album making process. Even more so, I have fallen in love with the bass guitar; I think I have found my instrument. But I have also realized that I am a musician by nature and instead of dedicating my life just to my voice and my bass, I have to learn how to create the entire package deal… excitement ten-folds!

Punnoo, my reason for coming to Abbotabad, is perfectly normal; it’s his first winter here, he was bound to get a little fever. But you know dogs too have a bit of a human in them (Aakhir Kuttay Bhi Insaan Hotay Hain!), and I think I have understood the tactics of this one….. he wanted me to come so he put up this act!

But all in good faith my friend! No matter how much I love you, I am human and I do a little more than sitting on my behind chewing bones. I still practiced all the songs, worked on the new video’s concept and even right now I am writing this entry which, it dawned upon me last night, is slightly overdue!

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