The Suno Theme:
Suno ke Main Hun Jawan is an album dedicated to the youth of Pakistan. The music of the album is energetic and aims at attracting the vigor and vitality that drives the hearts and minds of these young people.

The objective of this album is to urge the youth of this country to pursue their lives and their dreams with the zeal, which is so abundant in them, at this age that they are traversing. The lyrical content of the album also revolves around this very theme of following one’s heart and mind with complete faith in one’s abilities and potential to pursue the greatest feats possible.

The focus of attention is specifically directed towards the youth because it is at a young age that one comes to terms with one’s independence and freedom; one’s mind tends to open up to new unexplored ideas, the discovery of which can turn into a pursuit of a lifetime. We have heard time and again the stories of the greatest thinkers and doers of all times; from scientists like Einstein and Darwin to philosophers and spiritual guides like Buddha and even musicians like Amadeus, who set out in the pursuit of their dreams at a very young age, the time when they had the ambition and enthusiasm to give themselves the kick-start.

One may contend that greatness is achieved, if achieved, after an entire lifetime, or sometimes even after that, and that with time one starts coming across the complexities and hardships that life has in store for that person. Hence, it is a good idea to enjoy one’s youth to its fullest as this time won’t ever come back!

We have no disagreement with this contention whatsoever. However, we strongly feel that our youth is a tilling ground for our future life: when it starts getting complicated and creates obstacles for us. That we have to accept a responsibility on our heads to prepare ourselves for a happy and prosperous future where we can overcome these obstacles and solve these complications without falling victim to them. Our youth provides us with the strength to channel our simple yet free and pure minds in the right direction; towards the pursuit of a future where we will look back and thank ourselves for making the decisions we made at the first turning point of our lives: Our Youth!

The theme for Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan is therefore to urge the youth of Pakistan to start pursuing their dreams, making the most of the fervor and straightforwardness nature has endowed them with, at a very young age.