Saeen Zahoor and Noori team up to make ‘Aik Alif’ red hot!

Courtesy Instep Today, The News published on June 16th, 2009

Holding your ground against the mighty Saeen Zahoor is no small feat. Brothers Ali Noor and Ali Hamza managed it miraculously  well as they hit it off with Saeen on Coke Studio. In fact, watching Noori sing ‘Aik Alif’ was a revelation. For one thing, Coke Studio marks the coming out of Ali Hamza. It’s similar to the impression that Ali Zafar made last year when he performed with Saeen Tufail Ahmed on the magnificent ‘Allah Hoo’. ‘Aik Alif’ remains the highlight of Episode 1 of Coke Studio.

Ali Hamza has sung before, on Noori records and countless shows. But the impact he
made as a singer while gently stringing his banjo …  the spotlight will be hard to evade
now. Ali Hamza has a sharp edge to his voice and it was evident as he sang. And to
think, the relationship that eventually landed Hamza this gig began on Facebook!

“I was not on their plan. Rohail and I were conversing on Facebook over astrophysics
and quantum physics and it began from there. Obviously, I have never been a part of
such a production. You mess up as a team and you learn as a team and that’s
important,” revealed Ali Hamza.

For Ali Noor, this process was equally interesting. “Classical music has been in my
family. All my life I have rebelled against it. But this was a different experience altogether, from which both
the young and the old will learn. We learn from each other,” says Ali Noor.

Ali Hamza earned the title of “Professor” and “Best Man” at Coke Studio, from both backing singers, Saba
Shabbir and Natasha D Souza.

It was fun. When I first started, it was a little intense and the girls started calling me ‘Professor sahib’ but
after that I was just guiding them and it was great fun!” says Ali Hamza.

This season will not only see Noori re ­ create some funky versions of their old tune but the band will also
debut a new song via Coke Studio. So watch out for the Ali brothers that form Noori.

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