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Shooting to fame; Qasim Abdallah Moini reviews noori for Dawn, Images dated 22/12/2002

A Lunar Experience; Qasim Abdallah Moini reviews the Chaand Raat Concert for  Dawn, Images dated 15/12/2002

The Upward Spiral; Muniba Kamal gives her opinion on the newest acts in Pakistan, The NEWS Vibes section dated 17/11/2002

Jaded--Rockin' for a cause; a review of the CBM concert published in Instep, The News dated 17/11/2002

Rockin' to a wild beat; Insiya Syed reviews the MLIVE gig in Instep, The NEWS dated 27/10/2002

Rockin' with the fresh lot; a review of the DHA show in Instep,
The NEWS dated 6/10/2002

Interview with Instep, The NEWS dated 28/07/2002

'Wait for it' Instep article dated 9/06/2002