Dear Visitors,

This is regarding a number of fan clubs, and other such formal and informal groups of noori lovers and followers, which have recently come up, and are operating mainly through the internet.

We do not intend to discourage any such clubs or groups which aim at sharing and promoting interests and activities related to noori. However, we must guard against the possibility of some irresponsible outside element who, in the guise of noori fans or pretending to be noori followers, may misuse the internet medium to harm the interests of both noori and their true dedicated fans.

Therefore, we would like to inform our friends, followers and fans that:

  1. Any announcement about any noori concert or any other events related to noori, will only be valid and correct if  announced through the official noori website: Please follow this very strictly to avoid any disappointments, inconveniences or embarrassments.
  2. We clearly confirm that to date we have not endorsed any promotion, merchandising or sale of items related to noori. If and when we do endorse any such noori related activity, we will duly inform our friends, followers and fans through a notice in our official site:
  3. We also confirm that any announcement regarding any campaigns, offers, incentives or promotions regarding noori shall also not be valid unless notified through

We seek your support and cooperation in our effort to work for the well being and happiness of our friends, followers and fans.