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Average Member

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Posted - 14 January 2004 :  7:12:52 PM  Show Profile  Visit sidri's Homepage  Click to see sidri's MSN Messenger address  
I'm not a big fan of hitting the 'new topic' button, but this was just too much. There are some of you guys I've made lovely aquintances with, and others I would future like to know but where to start, where to start?

I know! Let's all start by introducing oursleves, name, ages, gender, what you guys are doing right now, which city your from etc the works.

SNO, Riffs, blah, darko, fallguy, Danya, Bono-fan, Omer, abrasive, Black Identity, and all of the others, do reply.

where is the love?

Edited by - VS4danya on 15 January 2004 7:14:25 PM

Junior Member

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Posted - 14 January 2004 :  7:22:04 PM  Show Profile  
Almost? Bull! You are TOTALLY a groupie!!! HE said thanks to you, but never answers my desperate e-mails.

Hothead, and proud of it!

Average Member

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Posted - 14 January 2004 :  7:40:44 PM  Show Profile  Visit sidri's Homepage  Click to see sidri's MSN Messenger address  
Riffs, babes, the question girl - focus!

where is the love?

Junior Member

169 Posts

Posted - 14 January 2004 :  7:42:41 PM  Show Profile  
dis iz a go0d idea!
umm im nida.... 15 yrs old.. umm about to finish my schooling... preliums around the corner!... n i live in karachi]
hey 'sidri' y dont u introduce urself to0


Senior Member

514 Posts

Posted - 14 January 2004 :  8:29:26 PM  Show Profile  Visit bono-fan's Homepage  Send bono-fan an ICQ Message  Click to see bono-fan's MSN Messenger address  
Sidrah... do "I" need to answer these queries ? .. u mean I SHUD also reply ??

Btw, a prophecy, this topic will be moved to GROUPIE CHIT CHAT section as soon as any moderator comes online. Bet ?

Junior Member

94 Posts

Posted - 14 January 2004 :  10:31:35 PM  Show Profile  
Originally posted by bono-fan

Sidrah... do "I" need to answer these queries ? .. u mean I SHUD also reply ??

Btw, a prophecy, this topic will be moved to GROUPIE CHIT CHAT section as soon as any moderator comes online. Bet ?

[email protected]. Hey I AM THE CHAMCHA! The mods won't dare!

When's the next Bandbaja issue commin out? Why the delay?


Advanced Member

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Posted - 14 January 2004 :  10:57:06 PM  Show Profile  
yepp bono fann i just came here to say the saem thing..hehe:P
this topic will be moved to groupie chit chat,,!

anyway i am ayesha
and i am from lahore
i am saggitarian/
i amd very hyper, i like music
and i luv swimming and cyclingg.. and playing basket ball!!
so u tell us aboutt urslef tooo

UL| nE\/eR GeT 2 ||-||e//-\\/e/\/ |f Ur S(aReD oF gETti/\/g ||-||iG||-||...

Junior Member

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Posted - 14 January 2004 :  11:10:20 PM  Show Profile  

Spolied sport!
Okay, my name is Riffat Hameed, I'm 28 years old, a marketing consultant at a Dubia PR firm and am an Aries.
And for those who think Sid, Fallguy, and mtself are NFP groupies (I'm sure there are more but rather keeep mum about it, one being VS4DANYA), I'm going to bug anti-NFP ppl by telling them that Nadeem Farooq Paracha (also called NFP (asliwallah)), is a famous/infamous/loved/hated journalist/writer, around 34 years old, a Scorpio and a great friend of VS's Rohail Hayaat (danya knows, right, sis?)

Hothead, and proud of it!

Edited by - Riffat on 14 January 2004 11:11:19 PM

Junior Member

75 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  12:05:07 AM  Show Profile  Click to see uj-factor's MSN Messenger address  
i dunno if ne1s even bothered to knw abt me but still i thought i'd let u ppl knw abt me...:) i'm usman from khi 21 yrs old and in final year comp enggr at NEDUET KHI....i luv noori, junoon, a few songs of ep too and love driving etc etc watching cricket and being there at as many noori concerts as is possible 4 me....

Trust not him who hath once broken faith...

Senior Member

712 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  12:17:03 AM  Show Profile  
wat i m doing :done my MCS,teaching C.grafix,webdevelopment


924 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  12:38:28 AM  Show Profile  
ahhh so u guyz think the mods will move it to chit chat huh? dont u think its a serious discussion? lolz
i think i have given my introduction a zillion times, khiar here it goes again:
my name is sadia, like being called sadz, m 23 years old, and i m doing CA and ACCA and currently working as a trainee in a chartered accountants firm.
whatelse?hmmmm thats about it right?

PS:sidri where is your introduction?

only regrets in life are the risks u dont take

Any concerns? feel free to mail us at [email protected]

Senior Member

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Posted - 15 January 2004 :  12:43:27 AM  Show Profile  
LOL Riff, stop trying to scare sidri into turning into a groupie, sidri don't give in to her bullying she's jealous that you have been thanked Oy Sids, you forgot your own intro!

Arrey, why would this topic be moved to chitchat? Introductions are long overdue, there isn't even a newbie intro section here, dont move it mods!

Ok, I guess I was trying to be secretive about my name and stuff but it's Saul, I know, its unique. I'm in Khi but live in Chicago, USA and did a double major in Chemical Engineering and Pre-medicine from IIT and plan to go to Chicago Med School (CMS) starting the Fall and I'm 21. I'm looking for a down-to-earth, hourglass figured female.....

Look at that, Riffs was kind enough to include TWO bios, bono and fallguy stop being cheap with your own

Me and blah sitting in a tree.......

New Member

39 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  01:10:06 AM  Show Profile  
hi.i m aimen.16 yrs old doing o'levels and live in lahore


BlaCk iDentity

United Kingdom
1065 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  01:11:42 AM  Show Profile  
Yeah i think introductions are a must, perhaps there will be a newbie section when the complete site launches, but till then it would be great to find out more about the people who visit the forums regularly. I talked to Sadz about shifting this topic but we decided since most forum members visit the den it would be best to let this topic stay here. Very cute how you guys know what we're gonna do to your topics

Anyway, enough of my irrelevant yapping:
I'm Zaynab Hasan, Aquarian, will turn 17 next month and am currently doing my AS levels here in the UK. I'm a music-addict, fashion-freak, movie buff all in one! Other favourite things to do include watching cricket matches, bowling, ice-skating, checking the forum and hanging out with friends.

Hahaha SNO, this aint a matrimonial thread! But hey, if we're already headed that way, i'd like a 5ft 11", dark, handsome Ali Noor/Fawad look-alike -- just kidding

Forum trouble? Give us a holler at [email protected]

Note: 'dil-warming' mod-appreciation also accepted

Edited by - BlaCk iDentity on 15 January 2004 01:32:24 AM

Junior Member

68 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  01:22:42 AM  Show Profile  
umm... so now its my turn..
i m 16 male from karachi..
in 11th grade... or doin intermediate..
from ADAMJEE college
luv ep junoon noori ahmed jahanzaib...

tWiStEd dEviL
Junior Member

167 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  01:24:05 AM  Show Profile  Visit tWiStEd dEviL's Homepage  
'I'm nobody! Who are you?'

Roti meri aankhein, dil bhar aya, ab zindagi hai kahan aur dil ki lagi paon mein kahan?

Average Member

269 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  04:12:33 AM  Show Profile  Send gal_n_pearl an AOL message  Click to see gal_n_pearl's MSN Messenger address  
huh!!well well im 16 female from lahore..n doin olevels in arts n designz...also a fashion nori but sometimes hate tv not dat much ..twice a wekk dats to hear brayn adams,mettalica,bob dylan,enrique,sting,sometimes u2...n jal..watelse
dats it

darkness with an empty smile!!

Junior Member

233 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  04:40:35 AM  Show Profile  Click to see blah's MSN Messenger address  
My turn! :)
I'm Madiha, at Indiana Univeristy in Bloomington, Indiana.
I am just about to turn 20 in a couple of weeks (agh, no more teen years!).
I am doing my BSc in special education/ teaching all learners, and am Hoping desperately to graduate within the next coupld of years.
I am a HUGE music buff, i was in our high school band for 8 years- and no, i'm not a band geek. Kind of. I absolutely love cricket, enjoy photography, and a good book to read is always welcome.
I didn't realise how old i was on this forum!
Oh and my home town is Lahore, and i was raised in Kuwait.
Black identity, what subjects are you doing? I did Eng Lit, Business and Music.
And Sidri, better post a reply soon- everyone's bechain to hear about you. ;)

Edited by - blah on 15 January 2004 08:30:06 AM

Advanced Member

2567 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  05:22:31 AM  Show Profile  Visit yas3r's Homepage  Click to see yas3r's MSN Messenger address  
weLl age is 19...lolz doiN BCS.......eMM name yas3r....yeH waNna biG roXx oF pakIstan....infaCt iN asia ... a kewL rider of bike...lolz...guitarz player...:p eM eMM...a hoT guY.....l0ve auNtieS like instaLlatiON windowS :D biG haiRz...eMM biG __
veLL me liKe......oNe guL oin diZ woRld kihs0 sheZ ma love aNdd eMMMm one also kanchie shez als0...eMM/////ma new friewnd iz also kewL her bname is,,,faRRah ...auR auR :p yahee sub bataNa yeh mein ziyadaH hi kuch...well abhei cuttiN tata

��� G��g��� �oY-----> nO waY?�?.... brIng me mY vIne n' drUgs n' dOps

Advanced Member

2300 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  07:44:31 AM  Show Profile  
main abhi college janay wali thi..but post ker k jaongi..
welll nice topic yar!!atleast ajj mujhe sab ka pata chala
k kaun kaun hai,..lolz....jinko main guys samjhti thi..wo galz hain...hehehhe
jinko galz wo guys....hehehe

well lemme tell ya abt maself!
well im 16...n will turn 17 on this 21st....lolz...
n um doing 1st year...fsc..pre medical..
well i dun like anything ...!!
i dun like anybuddy..
bass thats it!!
i luv to laugh..!heheehehe!!
well i know um kinda boring..
but chalta hai..sab chalta hai Zoye!
waise i like all outdoor games..!!
n im captain of ma college team..!!
aur kia,.,...hmm....[thinkin]..
i luv noori..
i luv to sing
basss i luv maself..!!
n i hate all of u..hehehehe!!!i mean whole world!!
basss ye hi hon main..!!theek
ab main chali college...
werna principal se mera phir phada ho jaega
well yaser!!!!!!!kihso kaun hai bay??
lolz....acha tata bata!!
c ya laterz...ab main chali !!!bubye!

(zaRa BaCh K Haan)
*You held my hand and walked me home, I know
Why you gave me the kiss, it was something like this, it made me go oh oh
You wiped my tears, got rid of all my fears, why did you have to go
Guess it wasn't enough to take up some of my love,guys are so hard to trust*

Edited by - cUTe_xombie on 07 April 2004 12:30:44 AM

Average Member

271 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  2:16:53 PM  Show Profile  Visit sidri's Homepage  Click to see sidri's MSN Messenger address  
And here's about little ol' me:

I'm 18, from lahore and am currently in my first semester at Punjab University, from where i'm doing my bachelors (honors) in management studies. That's about it.. Oh yeah, i'm also a big eP fan.

Bono, loser, introduce yourselves for the others.
Fallguy, issue will inshAllah be up soon. Keep checking.

where is the love?

BlaCk iDentity

United Kingdom
1065 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  3:27:10 PM  Show Profile  
Hey Madiha! Well i'm doing Biology, Chemistry, Art and English Literature. Its quite a handful! Intended career paths are between Medicine and Law, but Law looks to be the one i'm tilting towards. Upon learning from my brother that Ali Noor is also a lawyer, my parents were in fits of laughter, "accha abb samjhaey...!"

Yeah i'm a Lahori too, and go back each year usualy during the summer holidays. Actually, i was in Saudi Arabia for 5 years, in a city just bordering Kuwait! Totally loved it there. Nice to see more lady cricket supporters! Really excited about India's tour to Pak in March time, the heat is definitely gonna be on!

Forum trouble? Give us a holler at [email protected]

Note: 'dil-warming' mod-appreciation also accepted

Senior Member

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Posted - 15 January 2004 :  4:15:24 PM  Show Profile  
im rabia and 15 doing my olevelz

Advanced Member

3889 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  4:25:59 PM  Show Profile  Click to see skmhj's MSN Messenger address  Send skmhj a Yahoo! Message  
ok let me tell abt my self
hello i m sana i m 18 and i m doing a levels from avicenna karachi.zahir hai ab mein karachi mein par rahi hoon hon rehti bhi wahan hi hongi.i m very talkative and friendly aur i m very genius :)

suno ke mein hoon jawan

Advanced Member

2567 Posts

Posted - 15 January 2004 :  4:39:43 PM  Show Profile  Visit yas3r's Homepage  Click to see yas3r's MSN Messenger address  
dusHmaN hai kish00

��� G��g��� �oY-----> nO waY?�?.... brIng me mY vIne n' drUgs n' dOps

Average Member

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Posted - 15 January 2004 :  4:43:08 PM  Show Profile  Visit foreveryours's Homepage  Send foreveryours an AOL message  Click to see foreveryours's MSN Messenger address  

hi there dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is abeer....
studyin' in college...
1st year

i luv nri and they really rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My LoVe fOr nOoRi Is jUsT LyKe A VOILEN ...tHe MuZiK WiLL StOp nOw oR ThEn BuT tHe StRiNgS WiLL rEmAiN fOrEvEr...

Edited by - foreveryours on 29 May 2004 11:05:35 AM
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