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 The SKMHJ Album
 Hum Bhoolay
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Posted - 28 June 2004 :  10:05:51 AM  Show Profile  
Hum Bhoolay

(music Ali Noor, lyrics Zehra Nigah)
special apperance by Mekaal Hasan on guitars

This song is definitely the most mature song on the album. Written by Zehra Nigah, a respected and senior poetess of Pakistan, the song talks about what happens when one has struggled through life in search of a better future. The realization that this search is a never-ending one can only come after one has gone through this process again and again and again..


Dil Meray Rolay, Kya Kya Tu Bolay,
Main Sun Raha Hun Sada...
Kaise Kahun Mein, Pathar Buhat Hain,
Pholon Ke Rastey Jaa...
O Sathi Re, In Raahon Ko Tu Jaan Le...
Diya Na Baati, Sangi Na Saathi,
Koi Nahin Hai Tera...
Kaise Kahun Mein, Pathar Buhat Hain
Pholon Ke Rastey Jaa...
O Sathi Re, In Raahon Ko Tu Jaan Le...

Hum Bhooley... Dunya Bhoolay...
Hum Bikhray... Ab Kia Rona...
Ho Beeti Yadon Ke Saayey, Ab Hain Paraaey
Is Chaaoan Ko Tu Bhool Ja...
Sun Lay...

Dil Meray Rolay, Kya Kya Tu Bolay,
Main Sun Raha Hun Sada...
Darya Na Sahil, Tufan Manzil,
Kano Main Hai Shor Sa...
Kaise Kahun Mein, Mojein Bohat Hain,
Pholon Ke Rastey Jaa...
O Sathi Re, In Mojon Ko Tu Jan Ley...

Hum Bhooley... Dunya Bhoolay...
Hum Bikhray... Ab Kia Rona...
Ho Beeti Yadon Ke Saayey, Ab Hain Paraaey
Is Chaaoan Ko Tu Bhool Ja...
Sun Lay...

Dil Meray Rolay, Kya Kya Tu Bolay,
Main Sun Raha Hun Sada...

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Posted - 28 June 2004 :  12:16:25 PM  Show Profile  Click to see nfanatix's MSN Messenger address  
this song is the second best on the album for me
ya u said it its a real mature song with a nice tune
please if u make a vdo of this song
it shuld be something extravagant
u guyz rock

U know ME roX

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Posted - 28 June 2004 :  12:20:05 PM  Show Profile  Visit Minhas's Homepage  Click to see Minhas's MSN Messenger address  
absolutely a lovely song
cant say anything more
nobody dislikes this number
none of my friends dare say anything
against this one

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 28 June 2004 :  10:10:17 PM  Show Profile  
great soft song

NoOrI RuLz MaN

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Posted - 29 June 2004 :  01:12:06 AM  Show Profile  Visit owaisahmad's Homepage  Click to see owaisahmad's MSN Messenger address  
the BESTESSST song on the album ... something i would like to listen to again n again when i need some peace of mind. and i think ali noor's vocals on this track add magic. my opinion is that ali noor never sounded that great on any other track of the album :D i would like to request noori to plz come up with a vdo of this song with a concept and without any band performance and shud be directed some high profile director (asad ul haq wud be gr8) plz plz plz :D

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Posted - 29 June 2004 :  4:25:15 PM  Show Profile  Visit bono-fan's Homepage  Send bono-fan an ICQ Message  Click to see bono-fan's MSN Messenger address  
Agreed. Sublime bass licks by Mekaal adds up to the beauty of the lyrics. Noor's vocals, as mentioned earlier are best in this song. I think the decision to place it as the last track of the album was a great idea. Along with NAN, this stands as the shining jewel in the crown of SKMHJ.

P.s: I still have one point to note, the version which was updated on Old NW site, taken from the occassion of Noor's birthday [ duration : 1minute 23seconds] That particular version sounded , kindda better, or how do i put, a lil more upbeat than this one. What changes , major changes were there ? Apart from mekaal's signature touch on guitars.

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Posted - 30 June 2004 :  01:12:03 AM  Show Profile  
i really like the way this song is sung
it starts of slowly and then becomes fast.... its literally awesome

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Posted - 30 June 2004 :  10:55:34 AM  Show Profile  
well this song is one of my
favourite song in the album.
i agree that ali noor's vocals
are the best in this song.
the guitars are really nice.
i request noori to make a video of
this song.and if this video has a story line it would be very nice.

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Posted - 01 July 2004 :  03:41:32 AM  Show Profile  Visit isk's Homepage  
well this is a slow song
and i just love listening to it
& sometimes i even listen 2 it twice at a time
coz it just gives a very umm cozy feeling
its nicely sung

i proudly pass over my crown to FAREEHA Our New Official Queen of the forum

its a barricade of twigs thats never really there did u ever really think time even cares

Edited by - isk on 01 July 2004 03:42:14 AM

Noori rox
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Saudi Arabia
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Posted - 01 July 2004 :  8:17:35 PM  Show Profile  Click to see Noori rox's MSN Messenger address  
great song!!!!!!! laikin mein jab bhi raat ko CD PLAYER mein sunti hon SKMHJ album to yeh gana anay tak mein so jati hoon......(kiionke yeh last song hai!!!!! :)

Meri yeh aarzoo, ab kabhi mein na rukoon
tum bhi kuch soch lo,
dil ko na roko!!!!!!

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Posted - 02 July 2004 :  11:10:58 AM  Show Profile  Click to see ~~~wajiha~~~'s MSN Messenger address  Send ~~~wajiha~~~ a Yahoo! Message  
really really... an amazing song by zehra nigah...
i luved it sooo miuch!
the lyrics r done very well...with the music too.
that want to listen it repeatedly everytime i hear it!
and ali noor sung this song soo nicely that he really felt the lyrics into his mins n heart.

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Posted - 03 July 2004 :  4:28:37 PM  Show Profile  
hum bhoolay itna acha song hai ke busssssssssssss
iske lyrics bhi bauth achay hain

apki yaad atti rahi raat bhar
kyunke raat bhar hum jaagte rahe

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Posted - 03 July 2004 :  5:11:11 PM  Show Profile  Send guitarist an AOL message  
acha song hai..lyrics bhee achay hain or music bhee..its second fav on my list..heheh

three A'S and a G rule

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Posted - 04 July 2004 :  01:13:32 AM  Show Profile  
ali noors vocals on this song were just brilliant
its rather remarkable how ali noor can sing songs as soft as this and at the same time sound great doing songs like dil ke qasam

noori rox . noori rulz

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Posted - 11 July 2004 :  02:13:06 AM  Show Profile  Click to see mariyah's MSN Messenger address  
agree with mehreen....
his vocals are prolly the best in this song
the song roks!!!

~*~ mAd aBt nOorI ~*~

*people can say wht they like critisize them as much as they want but ill always luv noori no matta wht!!!!!!

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proud to be
**noori obsessed**

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Posted - 13 July 2004 :  03:32:40 AM  Show Profile  
One of my most fav songs of noori

Ali Noor Rulz!
Its me the "Franttic"
Bggt r f

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Posted - 14 July 2004 :  02:29:46 AM  Show Profile  
AA.dis iz 1 hell ov a song!so soothin so relaxin!i swear!its so tru!so wonderful!ful ov wonders!jus luv it!dis iz 1 waz thru wich i try n relax after jumpin up n down on da hole ov da alb.

wat ever u do,do gud & do it with passion.

ma both obsessions r killin me-leedin me 2 ma suicide-amina haq n noori.

im a bloody boor!
(tu malade amour!hehehe)

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Posted - 18 July 2004 :  10:17:40 PM  Show Profile  
dis song is really gud, tells us da difficulties of life.
da whole album iz really gud..... best of luck 4 ur second album, i know it will b gr8.


New Member

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Posted - 27 September 2004 :  5:43:53 PM  Show Profile  
Great Song! A little slow, but really great!! The lyrics, vocals, music, EVERYTHING is great in this song!

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Posted - 28 September 2004 :  11:46:52 AM  Show Profile  Visit libra's Homepage  Click to see libra's MSN Messenger address  Send libra a Yahoo! Message  
this song is vvvv niceee
ali noor ko is ki bhi vdo bana ne chaiey theeeee
MZ h h H

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Posted - 28 September 2004 :  3:31:32 PM  Show Profile  Visit aata's Homepage  Send aata an AOL message  Click to see aata's MSN Messenger address  Send aata a Yahoo! Message  
Very coool ending of the album man!!
Noori roxx!

~!~ Yorkers, googlies, bouncers, face whatever life throws at you!!!

[email protected]
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Posted - 28 October 2004 :  07:01:22 AM  Show Profile  Send an ICQ Message  Click to see's MSN Messenger address  Send a Yahoo! Message  
its nothing xcept a gr8 song i just wana say that n SKMHJ is a gr8 album but WE the PPL of KARACHIiiiiii r wait 4 his upcoming album :D

[email protected]
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Posted - 28 October 2004 :  07:03:31 AM  Show Profile  Send an ICQ Message  Click to see's MSN Messenger address  Send a Yahoo! Message  
Ansering 2 libra
banani chahiyeh thiiiiiiiii? what do u mean by that :P
abhii bhi ban sakhtii hay :P

Edited by - [email protected] on 28 October 2004 07:05:29 AM

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Posted - 06 November 2004 :  11:53:56 PM  Show Profile  Send prince an AOL message  Click to see prince's MSN Messenger address  
banani chahiyeh thiiiiiiiii? hey abhi bhi ban sakti hay yeap sure for tis :p

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Posted - 12 November 2004 :  8:01:16 PM  Show Profile  Visit mairajunejo's Homepage  
very very nice song the best part of this song iz when ali noor sayz BEETEY YAADON KEY SAAYE AB HEIN PARAYE ... \

this song really made me cry jab mein ney first time suna tha !

The Biggest Fan Of This Entiree Universe MAIRA JUNEJO!

i have done PHD in NOORI !!!


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Posted - 12 November 2004 :  11:49:27 PM  Show Profile  Visit Shan-e-Rab's Homepage  
the song is good n watelse i can say its just too good :)

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