Dear noori lovers,

In collaboration with Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy and Arts, we proudly present to you ‘Madinay Mein’, a Naa’t Recorded by Mr. Raza Kazim himself.

It is Recited by Ali Hamza, and Ali Noor has Produced the audiovisual for the video, which is Directed by Mandana Zaidi.

This video is a first in our series of experimentation with Digital SLR, handheld cameras. They provide us Hi-Res, HD quality video recording option, with the ability to switch lenses. These features help us create a look that very closely resembles a production quality equivalent to the 35mm format.

There is still a long way to achieving this equivalence, but we are quite surprised by the results we have achieved in the first go! … We would like to share them with you.

This is our Ramzaan Gift for You

… and we hope you Enjoy It :)

Have a Blessed Ramzaan!