So the band’s been out of the picture for a few weeks… Why? … Well, it’s a kind of a melting pot, like this country, and there’s something brewing for sure!

Amidst many uncertainties, noori has been dealing with a series of false concert promotions, mainly  in Islamabad. It is becoming evident that a racket of ‘Fraud Promoters’ is operating (quite regularly) in our beloved capital. They promote events without formally booking the artists and, since it’s a small city where word of mouth spreads like fire, everyone’s buying tickets for a concert which isn’t even confirmed by the artists being promoted. Surprisingly, a large majority of these concerts have been promoted with noori as the headlining act. Although it’s a great signal for noori, in terms of it’s popularity in the National Capital, it’s quite a malicious act on part of this racket.

Our fan’s mean a lot to us and therefore, to ensure that none of you end up spending on hoax Noori concert tickets we intend to post all concerts on our website. Remember, in case we have not made a post feel free to email us and double check.

Some great stuff is going to be coming up on Noori World - so make sure you keep coming back to stay up to date :)

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