Noori set to release brand new single “Taaron se Agay”

Since reuniting in May 2011, the band has been working round the clock. With half the band in Karachi and the other half in Lahore and a hectic touring schedule, these guys have really struggled to find time to shut away in their studios and create some new music.

Now that they have built up a decent repertoire of new songs, it’s time to start taking them out!

“Taaron Se Agay” is the first in line…. But there are still a few more days to go.

While the song will have its exclusive premiere on the Drive On show with Naveen Waqar (5-8 pm) LET’S START BUILDING UP THE EXCITEMENT towards that….

Stay tuned to Radio 1 FM 91; Keep visiting the nooriworld Facebook pages, Follow us on Twitter… There is a hell of a lot more to come.