BIY records presents: “noori Live at Rock Musicarium” – Available Now!

Finally the cat is out of its bag!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you “noori Live at the Rock Musciarium” : our very first release through our very own record label BIY records.

This project which started way back in February, after a few hiccups, has reached its last leg.

Not only are we super excited, we are also extremely proud of that fact that this has been achieved without a single sponsor!

At the same time, this couldn’t have been possible without support from a number of people:

First and Foremost we would like to thank our partners i.e. “Radio 1” and “the Rock” for helping make this a reality. Without their support, all this wouldn’t have been possible.

Then we would like to thank Kashif Ejaz for salvaging the concert recording and turning it into gold!

The video direction of Zeeshan Parwez has only added icing to this cake and we can’t thank him enough for doing so much for us so selflessly.

There are many other people whose names deserve mentioning, and many have been mentioned on the CD, but it’s time for us to stop here and share what we are putting out.

Our Live CD is out in stores nationwide, courtesy FRS international - our official distributor for Pakistan. The songs will also be available for online purchase in a few days, so keep checking up on us.

Check out the music video for Taaron Se Agay (Live at the Rock Musicarium) - directed by Zeeshan Parwez.

Also keep visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates on promotional activities, competitions, signing sessions etc.

Lastly, all you noori fans out there, thank you very much for your support all throughout these years. Without you, we are not even half motivated to do what we do.


The entire noori team

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