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Forum Admin

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Posted - 06 September 2004 :  4:59:38 PM  Show Profile  

The very first entry in the noori journal has been made by none other than Ali Noor. Check this rare write-up as Ali Noor lets out his true feelings. Click on the link below:

If you've read it already, then hit reply to post your thoughts!

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Posted - 10 September 2004 :  12:16:34 PM  Show Profile  Visit bono-fan's Homepage  Send bono-fan an ICQ Message  Click to see bono-fan's MSN Messenger address  
Articulate. Most articualte. Excellent bit you posted up there.
Though, more than talking about your journal entry as a whole, i wud rather ask about the walls decision. Aesthetics AND common sense should come into play before indulging / agreeing upon any commitment/contracts. Were you not aware of the consequences of wearing multi colored PJs and acting in a well.. bizzare manner ?

I heard the FM 96 interview and what struck me most, impressed me most was your honesty and self criticism. We dont have that talent in our showbiz stars anymore. What i am confused about is, you could well have avoided the embarassment easily. Money does make the world go round, but INTELLIGENT money.

Hope to read more and more of your entries, loved it.

Edited by - bono-fan on 10 September 2004 12:20:21 PM

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Posted - 10 September 2004 :  12:45:24 PM  Show Profile  Visit Minhas's Homepage  Click to see Minhas's MSN Messenger address  
WOw!! At last Ali Noor IS Here!!! Welcome Man!! And That Was A Bit Funny And Nice... Just Like Writing a Diary :) And As bono-fan said, Your Self-Criticism Was Really Impressive...

Keep It Up!!!

Which By Product Of A B-i-t-c-h Farm Assumed I'm Leaving This Forum?
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Saudi Arabia
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Posted - 10 September 2004 :  12:50:53 PM  Show Profile  Visit Fangs's Homepage  Click to see Fangs's MSN Messenger address  Send Fangs a Yahoo! Message  
I really admire ur honesty wid ur work...
ad 2 be honest we wont mind u jumping in the Air screamin YAAAAAY!!!...

but i would like 2 ask u abt..those live performances...thats whats makin u loose fans.
i mean ppl only hate bcoz of the things u do... And one major point is ur live performance...
Noori is one o the top bands in pk..(or in ma opinion the TOP BAND)...But yet ur live performances R ahh...neva mind....plz keep a note o this..

I really enjoyed ur fm 96 interview ,one o the best ive eva heard....the way u criticise other celebs in a positive way...thats really nice... we luv ur music...keep givin us good music..
coz we luv the noori sound....

lets seee ur next entries.... will be waiting....

~15Teen Till I die~

all rights reserved

Fading ...........away

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Posted - 10 September 2004 :  1:31:42 PM  Show Profile  Visit cyrus's Homepage  Click to see cyrus's MSN Messenger address  Send cyrus a Yahoo! Message  
yup read and re-read and appreciated over & over again...Noor this is the noor i knew....being in all the commercials n stuff...i was liek maybe he's grown outta that self of his but yeah...comes back and back with a bang !!..noor continue on...this is what your heart bleeds..!!

...peeli patti....

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Posted - 10 September 2004 :  3:55:26 PM  Show Profile  
Hey Ali Noor!
I know you dont want us to just read and appreciate but i feel(if im not wrong) that you want us to understand and feel the way you are feeling right now.
What i think is that you have regrets(i've also heard ur FM96 interview).Regrets, of not starting everything the way you had in mind. Though your Luck worked, as you said, and everything went in your favour...but still there are things that you aimed that you would never do, but you still did them, cause you thought they were the need of the hour.Although they were not.Things like the POLO campaign, the walls ad, the Modelling you did. This really did spoil up your image(not completely but to some extent) cause people like me, thought that you were a very intellectual and a wise guy with brains,which i still think that you are! cause people do make mistakes. A person is bound to make mistakes. So its okay!
Now all you have to do is admit that what you did was wrong and you should not have done it, and the best part is that you do realize and admit. So now just carry on and dont repeat them again. You are a pakka Mirassi as u said, so just stick to that, work on your vocals and improve them. We love you the way you are! So just work hard on your next album. Hope to see it out whenever its complete, take you time. I love the lyrics of your songs. They are very deep, touchy and meaningful.Hope to see the good work more and more. I believe the next Album will have your best efforts!
Keep Smiling...! You Look Good...!

tH !L!g f R hpp!맧 vr xd tH qL!t of R itllt...!

Edited by - Sidra84 on 10 September 2004 4:03:16 PM

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 10 September 2004 :  4:26:03 PM  Show Profile  
well! ali noor
It seems as if your fans are feeling a lot of love and appreciation for you.After all we should be greatful to you for making the kind of music that we want to listen to!
and the thing about making mistakes and having regrets........don't worry!
You have your fans here to support you and as sidra84 said we love you the way you are.
I really love the fact that you're not afraid to let you feelings out in the "noori journal".
It should have been a little longer though because god knows when you'll update it!
take care!

Heavens sent
MaRRi kHaN

Senior Member

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Posted - 10 September 2004 :  8:17:18 PM  Show Profile  
Hey Noor!!

That was a lovely journal entry, what i like about you is that your so honest, and it really impresses everyone the way you tackle with problems/critisism, because as we know the callers on any interview can really be nerve racking but the point was that you tried your best and suceeded in not getting angry on their stupid remarks n comments...constructive critism is one way but when it gets over that, it just gets plain offensive and cheeky, and you really know how to deal with that!! you havent dissapointed us in anyway at all, we were from the beginning concerned with noori's music and still are! there were some things that might have seemed as if they were a huge mistake, but dont regret things in the past, just move on!! we just want to tell you that no matter what happens, you cant imagine how much respect your fans have for u!! dont ever underestimate that part!! hope you suceed in everything you do!!


~noori rox!~
~ Chaand mein dekha tu tumhe dekha, taroon mein dekha tu tumhe dekha, Suraj mein dekha tu tumhe dekha, Badal mein dekha tu tumhe dekha...
AREY YAAR thora side mein ho jao tu kuch aur dekhoon!! :P~

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Posted - 10 September 2004 :  10:20:00 PM  Show Profile  
Well ali noor,
That was a wonderful entry by u in the noori journal.
u really have wrote ur true feelings in that entry.i m really
impressed by ur true devotion to music.i hope that in future too u'll
bring out good music as u have done before.moreover,as shanal said,ur fans have a lot of respect for u and the whole noori band.

Three A's and a G make Noori

B nice to those who smoke,any ciggarette might b their last

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Posted - 10 September 2004 :  10:20:17 PM  Show Profile  Visit yas3r's Homepage  Click to see yas3r's MSN Messenger address  
ahaan niCe..ali bhaai ..
mashallah sey aikduM set baat likhey hai
u reaLLy liBraN...

aik tu liBraN pluS 23rd septeMber guy hat ker
nahe h0ga tu kaisa hoga
well ali bhaai missin u n specially hamza bhaai
yaar yahaan houstaN mein kuch bhi nahe hai na ur
concerT na kucH em sadd...well
hope to see u here also inshAllahh

yas3r....mein yaad ho0n na ali bhai ?

Gg oY-----> nO waY??.... brIng me mY vIne n' drUgs n' dOps

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Posted - 11 September 2004 :  03:57:18 AM  Show Profile  Visit sweety's Homepage  Send sweety an AOL message  Send sweety an ICQ Message  Click to see sweety's MSN Messenger address  Send sweety a Yahoo! Message  
hmm wow


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Posted - 11 September 2004 :  1:39:58 PM  Show Profile  Visit mairajunejo's Homepage  
hello ali noor

i am so happy to see you on this forum, its so great of you people to come here atlast, I have posted my question too hope you reply me soon. the journal entry was nice, as minhas says its like you're showing your personal diary to all fans and when will your commercial come out, i am waiting!!!

The Biggest Fan Of This Entiree Universe MAIRA JUNEJO!

i have done PHD in NOORI !!!


Senior Member

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Posted - 11 September 2004 :  2:35:25 PM  Show Profile  
heyy cooooool finally ali noorss here!! well i really appreciate tht urr honestt andd boldd enuff too critisicee urself!!! and woww thee 96 fm intervieww wass so awesomee!!! i meann tellin ppl " keh tum logon sai gand hoo gayi" andd all wass awesomee aand thee intervieww wass ttoally radicle!! urr journall enteryy iss really awesomee too!! finally koii too interaction hoii fans kee saath!!! andd yehh i lovee urr commercialss too!! ehhehe i meann jabb takk i see noori im happy!:D:D i duntt caree whetherr u guyss look wierdd orr nott itss my fav band!! noooriiii!!!!!!!!


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Posted - 11 September 2004 :  3:01:52 PM  Show Profile  Visit libra's Homepage  Click to see libra's MSN Messenger address  Send libra a Yahoo! Message  
wow that great ali nooori is here woow thats great
noori kay comercial great yar khas tor par walls wala koool man
MZ h h H

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Posted - 11 September 2004 :  9:49:10 PM  Show Profile  
you couldnt expect any less from ali noor

noori rox . noori rulz

Noori rox
Advanced Member

Saudi Arabia
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Posted - 11 September 2004 :  10:35:18 PM  Show Profile  Click to see Noori rox's MSN Messenger address  
great great...really amazing!!!
at last...ALI NOOR is active!!!!!!!!thats really great! THANKS ALOT !!

Meri yeh aarzoo, ab kabhi mein na rukoon
tum bhi kuch soch lo,
dil ko na roko!!!!!!

Senior Member

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Posted - 12 September 2004 :  01:56:19 AM  Show Profile  Visit sOnuz's Homepage  
aWesume guyz...........At lazt they guyz active now :) datz gr8 for noori fanz again :)

U guyz rOx ?

Junior Member

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Posted - 12 September 2004 :  01:59:42 AM  Show Profile  
wow ali....its really gud n i m glad 2 c u i hope dat u gonna concentrate on ur forum so best of luck. n wanna tell u dat on 10th of sep Rozan the band sang ur songs(4rm ur album) at kinnaird college, plz dnt allow any1 2 sing.

Senior Member

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Posted - 12 September 2004 :  2:44:43 PM  Show Profile  
o i was theree too at the kinnard collegee walaa concert!!! kafii achaa thaa haaan and dont allow ppl too sing ur songss though unhoo nee achaa gayaa tha they sang dil ki kasam!! and a lil off tum hans diye!!


Senior Member

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Posted - 12 September 2004 :  3:53:50 PM  Show Profile  Click to see mariyah's MSN Messenger address  
finallyy we get to hear from u guyz offence...but i was kinda geetting sik of the forum coz it was becoming soo boring but now i guess ill neva be sik of it eva again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope this isnt the first and last entry...dying too read more!!!
totally agree with wardeh for me as long as i c noori im happie whether they look retarded or not who cares its noorii!!!!
i just new it at some point or not u ppl wud realize ur mistakes....i hope u dont repeat them again and now that noori has come bak to 'life' with all this fun stuff i hope the album isnt tooo far away coz i seriously cant wait any longer!!!

~*~ mAd aBt nOorI ~*~

*people can say wht they like critisize them as much as they want but ill always luv noori no matta wht!!!!!!

"power can teach one to do anything. he can do good things and bad things"...ALI NOOR

proud to be
**noori obsessed**

Advanced Member

Saudi Arabia
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Posted - 12 September 2004 :  5:31:09 PM  Show Profile  Visit Fangs's Homepage  Click to see Fangs's MSN Messenger address  Send Fangs a Yahoo! Message  
hey guyz in case sumbody missed this..
we r supposed 2 ask here..

~15Teen Till I die~

all rights reserved

Fading ...........away

another member
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Posted - 12 September 2004 :  11:21:29 PM  Show Profile  Send another member an AOL message  Click to see another member's MSN Messenger address  Send another member a Yahoo! Message  
hey finally u ppl r here...its really a gr8 news...
ali..wateva u have written in noori journal is really fantastic n more den dat its impressive....ur thoughts impressed us all....its gr8 to know dat u r so true...true to urself...n dats a big thing....u will acheieve a much more higher position one day inshallah....we fans r always here fer u....moreover we dun jus like u ppl...we respect ya...not becuz of ur luks but becuz of ur work.
may u ppl achieve watever u want.

nobody is perfect...n i m "nobody"...

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Posted - 13 September 2004 :  2:52:03 PM  Show Profile  
that was funny
i wonder how will u look wearing skirt jumping n shoutin yAAY

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Posted - 13 September 2004 :  3:09:51 PM  Show Profile  Click to see cheeeze's MSN Messenger address  
Originally posted by rabia

that was funny
i wonder how will u look wearing skirt jumping n shoutin yAAY

and polished nails...dunt forget them..watever u do DUNT MISS HIS NAILS

me mad!

Average Member

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Posted - 13 September 2004 :  7:37:13 PM  Show Profile  
awwwwwwww that was beautiful...that was so u noor.....ur such a jan....!!!!

maza araha haii?????

Senior Member

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Posted - 13 September 2004 :  10:05:11 PM  Show Profile  
it was nice

apki yaad atti rahi raat bhar
kyunke raat bhar hum jaagte rahe
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