Celeb Spotlight with Ali Noor

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  • February 16, 2017

Celeb Spotlight with Ali Noor

Your favourite getaway destination?

It has to be Abbottabad.

Somewhere you’d never refuse to eat?
Café Zouk

Someone you’re always ready to hang out with?
My children and my wife.

Best place for some retail therapy?
Either Hafeez Centre or Hall Road.

Your favourite chill out activity?
Hanging out with my kids and watching a movie with them.

Your best and worst vacation memory?
Best was when Mandana and I went to Norway; we saw one of the most beautiful islands over there. Worst was when I forced my parents and Nana to go to India and we stayed with a person whom we did not know so well; we were all miserable and it was a bad idea to go there.

Best and worst part about travelling?
Best is every once in a while you come across a person who becomes a very, very good friend. Worst is flying out and the waiting periods which get problematic for me.

If you were to stay in any location forever, which one would it be?
Some kind of a tropical island – a place where I can be next to the beach and the weather never gets hot or humid.

Travel bag essentials?
All my electronic gadgets: my laptop, headphones (lots of extra headphones for sure), chromecast (although I never get to use it), medicines, calendula, toothbrush and a pair of clothes just in case my luggage never gets there.

A place you would like to visit next?
Has to be Nairobi or Bali… Nairobi actually.

                                           Published in MAG THE WEEKLY, February 16th, 2017.