noori Live at EME Olympiad 2010 – ‘Rhythm for a Cause’

Time: Sunday, October 10 · 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Venue: College of EME, NUST, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi

“Rhythm for a Cause” is a charity concert, the proceeds of which will be used for the relief efforts for the flood victims of Pakistan.

The concert is part of EME Olympiad’s Social Events Ticket that can be availed by anyone who is a student of a university/college/school.

This social event ticket also makes you eligible for:

-Battle of bands First Round – 8th October
-Fun Fair – 9th October
-noori’s Concert – 10th October
-Tambola – 11th October
-Scavenger Hunt – 11th October


PKR 600/- for non-NUSTians
PKR 400/- for NUSTians

The ticket will cost PKR 1000/- after 5th October therefore purchase yours as soon as possible.

Tickets availability:

Exclusive concert tickets available on Friday, 1st october and Saturday, 2nd october at the following two locations:

Music Peak(Bank Road Saddar. Adjacent to National Bank)

Music Peak(F 10. adjacent to TCS, opposite NIB Bank)
Limited Tickets also available @:


CD Mela
T2 Video (Commercial Market)

Tickets available in the following institutions with these representatives:

  • Asad Janjua (03005758910) – Scheme # 3 and Scheme # 1
  • Kashif Zia (0321 5838256) – Military College of Signals/MCS
  • Hashim , Hassan Aziz Mirza (0345 5303411)- Army Medial College/AMC
  • Ibrahim Gondal (03335690354) – Army Medical College/AMC
  • Hasan Malik (03446189251) – FAST
  • Haseeb (0321 8563719) – Roots
  • Ali Naqvi (03345066475) – Foundation University
  • Hassam Haider Bukhari (03455955123) – Askari 14; F.G Sir Syed ;Joint Staff Public School & College,Rawal rd; F.G. Sir Syed College (BOYS) mall road,rwp; Aps Humayun road ; Aps Ordnance road; Fazaia Inter College, Chaklala Air Base.
  • Umer Farooq (03349009793) – IESE H12
  • Hassan Mujtaba (03215274873) – SEECS H12
  • Awais Malik (03315300873) – SCEE H12
  • Qazi Jawad (H12 03335276677) – NBS H12
  • Maha Naveen – NCA
  • Nida Ilyas – NCA
  • Sameen (0331 5123674) – Riphah International
  • Usman Saeed (03425104754) – LGS
  • Saad (03455261185) – Comsats

Kindly bring your NIC (for kids their school cards) at the time of purchase. If you are buying for your friends bring their NIC numbers along with you (NOT their cards).

Whoever is buying this ticket please note that you will not be allowed into our premises if you do not bring any of these:

NIC/B-Form valid uni/college/school card and Ticket.

For further info contact Junaid Khattak (03455949379)