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Memory Box: noori’s first ‘real’ conCert

We left off with my vow never to do a show again after the humiliation of kids screaming “hum ne ap ke ganay nahin sunnay hain” at the Sacred Heart show … That was 1998.

I was pretty dejected but in a few weeks things came back to normal and I, like a “dheet” person said to myself… “to hell with it I’m not giving up”. The goal however, seemed a bit clearer: how do you perform your “Original songs” ….”LIVE” in front of an audience that has never heard them before and how to get them to say “hum nay aap ke ganay phir se sunnay hain!!”


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I remember it became an obsession… Law did teach me one thing and that is to toss, twist and turn an idea around in your head a million times and actually conduct a 1000 experiments all in your own head without even lifting a finger.
So I thought and I thought … I created scenarios of many a different live performance … made so many different versions of each song … figured tempos … made a hundred song lists……I took a good 3 years doing all this!!!!!

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Noori’s MEMORY BOX Launched with noori’s first show ever!!!

Why launch a memory box now? People don’t do this until a least a decade into their career! Are we feeling old and archaic already? I don’t think so. Our reasons were more about practicality. We wanted to create a noori archive and put it online. We were finding it very difficult to first organize the material (which is massive by the way!) and then put it up.

I came up with this ‘MEMORY BOX’ idea to turn my own laziness into a creatively positive thing, if you get what I mean.

So here we go…

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The first entry is about the very first noori concert.

No… it’s not the one we did at DHA Golf Club Karachi (2002). This one goes as far back as 1998. 10th October, 1998 to be precise….

Venue: Sacred Heart School, Lahore   (click here for Part 2 of video)

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