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noori wishes everyone an introspective Day of Independence with their latest single - ‘Kedaar’!

It’s 14th of August. The day we became Pakistani!

While we celebrate in jubilation and enjoy being free the ‘Pakistani Way’, let us also take time out and do some introspection; about our past - both distant and recent. Let us examine where we have gone right and where we went wrong. Let us look into the future and pursue a better direction. Let us reinvent ourselves to become more responsible citizens of this country!

The final episode of Coke Studio is all about unity, about coming together and creating a better future. Every artist has contributed in their own way to give a message to their fellow citizens.

For noori the expression has been in the form of ‘Kedaar’ - their latest single. Kedaar literally translates to ‘being invincible’. It represents our ability, as a society, to survive through the harshest of circumstances. It celebrates this very strength of any Pakistani citizen, and asks for our folk not to be bogged down by the destruction we have been witnessing around ourselves. It motivates us to reinvent and rejuvenate ourselves, never looking back with regret and apathy. And most of all, it asks us to move forward with dignity and strength!

This is noori’s Independence Day message to the nation.

This is about celebrating the rebirth of the Pakistani Phoenix!!!

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Momin says:

I have no words to describe Kedaar!
Truly, you guys STOLE the show.

sana says:

my god………it’s amazing Momin is saying da truth……mindblowing.20th ko isb main concert hai.mera bhai orginizers k sath hai.

madiha says:

mind blowing…the version performed at MTV awards was also cool..!!!
its interesting to see…Ali hamza enjoying his singing (ser hila hila ker :) )and ali noor acting like a big b …singing n keeping an eye on everything even…!!! during the performance (and all other performances…!!!) i observed him giving signals through his ( big green :) ) eyes to his choto and rest of the members…!!! God all big brothers and sisters they all are same ..they just want everything to be perfect…!!! :)
lovely performance!
Dhoom tana dere na dere na dere na…
dheem tana dere re nana dere na…

madiha says:

ali noor ur super cool…!!! a true perfectionist…!!!
way to go noori…!!!

Maira Junejo says:


Noori turly rockss :D

Fahima says:

amazing noori luv u gyz

bilz says:

this performance is simply amazing.loved gumby’s drumming…

HaRris says:

coke studio version of keedar was coool and more better then the mtv version musically,the best song i liked in coke studio by noori is jo merey…i have heard that the vdo of keedar is releasing soon…

Harneet says:

Really loved this one. I am huge, huge fan.
Can someone please point me to the lyrics for ‘Kedaar’?

Devdutt says:

Noori and Team !,

It’s nice to see you embrace elements of Classical Music (its the music of the subcontinent and is not Indian or Pakistani to be honest, and I also understand that classical music runs in your family) into your new offering. Kedar (which epitomizes the strength and power of Shiva) is a wonderful and deep Raga and you guys have chosen it well for the occasion. I wish Pakistan a very happy Independence Day !. I wish you would have included a longer passage on Sitar, given its classical roots.

Sana says:

i seriously have no words….im speechless…loved it.

FAhAd Saeed says:


Huzaifa says:

Could someone please please provide the lyrics for Kedaar or any link that wouild provide them?

sanae says:

wow wow just wow mind blowing number and rise of the phoenix wah bhut alla and i wish mai app ka islo concert mai a sakti but im busy and agla din ramzan shaid shuru hoo jai well thanks for such wonderfulllllllllllllllll music u r the kings of rock in pakistan

Zeeshan says:

truly amazing…credit goes to Rohail Hyatt,Noori,Gumby and the bassist :)

soumya saxena says:

certainly shows the power of music…
vocals were phenomenal..
Gumby … you rock man!!!!

Ali Hamzaaaaaaa
I love you…..

come to India…..

Zair Abbas says:

wow! gr8 performance guys!
cant wait for the video..