Unreleased Single -‘Gawalmandi’ Reviewed

Courtesy Instep, The News on Sunday, on June 10th, 2007
As a song, ‘Gawalmandi’ is just an eccentric, sarcastic and extremely entertaining number. Featuring Noori bass man and vocalist Ali Hamza, it was one of those songs that became a rage at Noori’s live performances when they first started out. Lyrically, it’s a song that [...]

‘Meray Log’ – Video Review

By Tahir Yahya for The Review, Dawn. Published  March 22nd, 2007
Despite the vanishing acts Noori likes to indulge in every now and then, the band knows how to maintain its presence amongst its fan base. This they successfully ensure by releasing a music video after reasonable gaps. The latest one is the capture of [...]

Rocking for a Cause – Concert Review

By Alia Ali and Asad NaqviThe Friday TimesFebruary 9th, 2007
On 20lh of January, the International Development Relief Foundation (1DRF) managed to bring a spot of warmth to Toronto’s wintry chill with their “Sing for South Asia” concert at the Harbour front centre. This project will help thousands of victims still suffering from [...]

Musical Notes - NooRI strikes back with ‘Meray Log’

Instep, The News on SundayNovember 26th, 2006
Noori has always been a band that has steered away from OTT videos; they make videos that simple and most often, those videos work. Their video of ‘Jana Tha Humney’ really stood out because it focused on the common man. Noori repeats the same formula in their [...]

Ali Noor in the ‘Hot Seat’

Written by Maliha Mansoor for Dawn Magazine published on November 5th, 2006
He came to the forefront with his catchy melody (aptly assisted by a complementary video) Manwa Re, but Ali Noor of Noori asserts that the song which was initially meant for a tele film (which somehow could not materialized) was neither [...]

Band of brothers

By Nida MianGood TimesNovermber 1-15, 2006
For the members of rock group Noori, music is a family affair
Fate smiled down on the band Noori upon the release of their first album, Suno Ke Main Hoon Jawan, in 2003. Walking into their home in Defence, Lahore, one is enthusiastically greeted by two [...]

Charge of the write brigade

by Maheen SabeehInstep, The News on Sunday,October 8th, 2006
Musicians may compose their own tunes but how many of them actually pen the words? Instep pays tribute to the musicians who give us songs we can call our own
On Noori..It was Ali Noor who did the bulk of the writing on [...]

Talent Unlimited; That’s Noori!

By Maliha MansoorTeens ClubSeptember 3rd, 2006
Take richness of voice, a fine sense of music and rhythm, above average looks and a genuinely inspiring philosophy of life, and what do we come up with?Noori! The young generation’s band which is trying to give a new dimension to the thoughts and notions of generation next; [...]

Frenzied Fans Take Fancy to Noori

Concert Review by Hanif KhattakThe NewsJuly 23rd, 2006
ISLAMABAD: The Marquee Hall of Islamabad Marriot. Hotel, was buzzing with energy of Noori enthusiasts Friday night as the rock band performed live in front of a young, shrieking, head-banging audience. Media partners FM89 and Hello Calling Cards were the organisers of the event. [...]

Pathway of Light called NoorI

Published in Chowrangi  on 9th June, 2006 and written by Ahmed Hasan
What is your purpose behind doing music? What do you aim to establish through that purpose?
Music has become a very digestible form of communication which attracts people. So we have utilized this trait of music and used it as a tool [...]