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Musical Notes - NooRI strikes back with ‘Meray Log’

Instep, The News on Sunday
November 26th, 2006

Noori has always been a band that has steered away from OTT videos; they make videos that simple and most often, those videos work. Their video of ‘Jana Tha Humney’ really stood out because it focused on the common man. Noori repeats the same formula in their latest video ‘Meray Log’ and once again, it makes great viewing. ‘Meray Log’  is one of the softer songs on Peeli Patti Aur Raja Jani Ki Gol Dunya, It’s also one of those rare songs on a Noori album that has been sung by Ali Hamza, who has a classical feel to his vocals. The video focuses on people from all walks of life, everyday Pakistanis, hamaray log. This song has a patriotic vibe to it. There are hidden undertones on the people who are drifting away from each other, from maybe the country and aren’t just united anymore as Hamza goes, ‘Meray Yaar/Meray Dost/Mera Dhoondta Dil Behosh/Sab So Gaye Haiti Kahan/Meray Log’. It’s subtle as opposed to the angst-ridden ‘Nishaan’ and the in-your-face ‘Kuttay’ (not that they weren’t excellent tracks too). The director of the video, Mandana Zaidi should be lauded for this extremely natural and sensitive video. It is so true to our reality that one is left stunned. Way to go, Noori!

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mani says:

fantastic song……………………wow……………

sana says:

nice haan.