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‘Meray Log’ – Video Review

By Tahir Yahya for The Review, Dawn. Published  March 22nd, 2007

Despite the vanishing acts Noori likes to indulge in every now and then, the band knows how to maintain its presence amongst its fan base. This they successfully ensure by releasing a music video after reasonable gaps. The latest one is the capture of their hit track, Meray Log. The ex-quartet, now reduced to the two brothers Ali Noor and Ali Hamza, misses no opportunity to give their fans what they look forward to. A new approach has been adopted for this video, which is an unhurried and sophisticated tale of heartbreak.
The video has been directed by Ali Noor’s better half, Mandana Zaidi, who successfully captures the real essence of Pakistan – the masses. It begins with faces wearing distant looks – each one of them searching for the lost part of their lives – and it concludes in hope. Its essence is the depiction of calamities one has to face in life. Meray Log is the video that is straight from the heart!