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Kedaar @ Coke Studio Independence Day Special - “Unity”

noori’s latest single Kedaar will be performed @ the Coke Studio, Independence Day Special. Don’t forget to catch it on 14th August, 2009, 7:00 p.m., at your favorite TV channel!!!

Watch the BTS footage as a teaser for noori’s final feat @ Coke Studio.

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sana says:

wow.aaj pata chala k kitani manat kartay ho aap log my god.may God bless u all.have fun &best of luck 4r concert.

Devdutt says:

Noori and Team !,

It’s nice to see you embrace elements of Classical Music (its the music of the subcontinent and is not Indian or Pakistani to be honest, and I also understand that classical music runs in your family) into your new offering. Kedar (which epitomizes the strength and power of Shiva) is a wonderful and deep Raga and you guys have chosen it well for the occasion. I wish Pakistan a very happy Independence Day !. I wish you would have included a longer passage on Sitar, given its classical roots.

Midah says:

y its not uploading on Facebook :s…i am sharing it… but its not cummin thr on my profile :s